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Our vision for an intelligent future with storage and beyond

The dawn of the intelligence era

Storage has undergone a few transformations over the years. First there was the ‘Flash Era’ which brought us increased performance and speed, all while reducing the storage costs. This empowered businesses worldwide, but to quote the Pixar’s The Incredibles, "once everyone is super, nobody is". When every vendor can deliver flash and you can only gain competitive advantages with incremental performance gains, things need to evolve.

So, we moved into the ‘Cloud Era’ which has given us the agility and flexibility to spin up new resources very quickly while only paying for what we need. This is fantastic. But it has led to an expectation that this experience and capability should apply to everything.

HPE firmly believes we are now entering the Intelligence Era. One where new AI-driven experiences will help us unlock our data’s potential as well as helping to manage and resolve complex challenges. Something that has previously been difficult to achieve.


Why does intelligence matter?

Intelligence matters because we have too much to do. All businesses need to innovate and bring new products and services to market ahead of the competition. Yet, at the same time we need to maintain business critical processes and keep the lights on.

All of this is complex enough, but it’s getting harder by the day. Aside from managing complex infrastructure, understanding where you need to place workloads in a hybrid environment is tricky. And ensuring your data is in the best place during its lifecycle requires foresight and planning. To do this effectively and with minimal hassle, you need help.

What’s more IDC predicts worldwide data will grow 61 percent to 175ZB. Businesses will generate most of this from the edge, meaning every company will become an IoT company. So, to remain competitive you’ll need to find ways to analyze and find the hidden insights within that data.


Introducing HPE’s Intelligent Data Platform strategy

At HPE, we let the data do the talking. It underpins everything we do, and our Intelligent Data Platform strategy is no different.


Our vision is a place where you can optimize your workloads to span all systems such as Mission and Business Critical, Secondary and Big Data/AI. We will deliver cloud data services so you can embrace a true hybrid cloud strategy and connect everything with bi-directional data mobility allowing your data to flow seamlessly across the lifecycle.

Our Global Intelligence Engine will provide you with unique abilities to not only predict and proactively resolve issues before they occur, but to understand and fingerprint your workload to ensure you can optimize your environment and always deliver predictable speed.

An API-first approach will enable your developers to connect to automation engines such as Kubernetes, Ansible, Chef and Puppet and deliver the full “as-a-service” experience they need.

The best bit?  This isn’t a pipe dream, slideware or some marketing fluff - we’re actually doing it and making great progress. 

Talk to your HPE representative today about how we’re bring this vision to life and how our new platforms and solutions, such as HPE Primera and Nimble Storage dHCI can benefit your business.

Graham Muncer
Hewlett Packard Enterprise



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