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Storage without compromise: 3 ways HPE Primera can boost your enterprise IT


We’re all looking at ways to continually boost efforts to bring new applications to the market.  After all, the right application could be the differentiation we need to get ahead of our competition and deliver faster, more efficient services to our customers.

However, finding the right storage platform has historically been a challenge. Frequently, businesses are forced to find the best compromise they can between speed, reliability, agility and scalability. We know what we want, but it’s still a difficult decision to make.

HPE Primera is the storage platform that cuts out compromise.



What is HPE Primera?

HPE Primera is built with mission-critical workloads in mind. It combines the best of HPE’s storage technologies into a new, all-encompassing business platform with:

The overall result? A platform that’s intuitive, flexible and fit for any ambitious enterprise.  

Let’s take a look into the specific benefits and how they can boost your enterprise IT.

1. Simplified set-up and scalability

Typically, high-end storage solutions require extensive planning, set-up and integration with other services. But time is money and your IT team should be focusing on more important tasks.

With Primera, you can install, provision and be ready to launch your applications within 20 minutes, without the need for re-skilling or extra planning. What’s more, if you need to expand your capacity at short notice, you can upgrade your storage yourself within five minutes with one click and zero risk.

This cloud-like agility and ease of use accelerates your application time-to-market, helping you to test and implement new services faster than ever before.

2. Unparalleled performance for your applications

All businesses hate latency, we want things to happen quickly and our expectations are higher than ever.  The more workloads you have, the more they compete for resources and the more unpredictable latency becomes. Ultimately, this means you may have to split your workloads across several different platforms or needlessly prioritise them.

For ambitious companies, this hinders your ability to grow at pace and meet business goals efficiently.

But HPE Primera changes this. By leveraging parallel architecture and the insights of Infosight to improve throughput and latency, Primera accelerates the performance of your applications. As an example, Oracle’s performance is boosted by 122 percent when deployed on Primera.

This unparalleled performance ensures your workloads are always running at full steam, no matter how many applications you’re running at once. This means you’re free to push for innovation without having to fix performance issues along the way.

3. Automated fixes and 100 percent availability

Most problems with modern storage platforms exist above the storage layer itself. In fact, in 90 percent of cases, the issues often originate in the network, workload layer or VM (virtual machine).

If left unresolved, these issues can snowball and even cause interruptions to availability or put a stranglehold on efficiency and performance.  Manually fixing these issues takes time that no company can really afford in today’s market.

That’s where automation takes centre stage. HPE Primera has been designed to work with HPE InfoSight to find and fix issues, wherever they may be.  We’re so confident, that we’re guaranteeing 100 percent availability for everyone.

Continuous availability allows you to focus on the ventures that really matter: accelerating your workloads, deploying new applications, and empowering your enterprise to boost IT innovation.

Primera: storage technology in its prime

Eager enterprises shouldn’t compromise when it comes to storage. To boost IT performance and future-proof your infrastructure, you need a storage platform that works alongside your mission-critical workloads.

Ready to bring an end to inflexible storage? Find out more about HPE Primera and change the way you think about your data today.

Graham Muncer
Hewlett Packard Enterprise


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For over 16 years I've worked in Presales and Product Management for Datacentre Infrastructure and now in Storage, looking to make the complicated simple for everyone.

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