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Sustainability: Can tech ever be environmentally friendly? // Technology Untangled, Episode 3

Climate change is front-page news, and rightly so. We've collectively got ourselves into this mess, so can tech help us innovate our way out of it? And how does your organisation play its part?

In this episode, we embark on a journey through the circular economy, from climate science and sustainability strategies to cutting-edge materials innovation. Discover how you can get out of the take-make-throw race to the bottom, why you should care about what happens to your end-of-life assets, and whether you can be sustainable and profitable at the same time.

In the loop: does the circular economy make a difference?

From corporate sustainability strategies to sustainable development goals, it seems like organisations and governments have been banging the sustainability drum for quite some time. But with the planet warming, and catastrophic climate events more frequent then ever, it's clear that we've still got a long way to go.

We step under the sustainability umbrella to clock the circular economy, how your organisation can move closer to a closed-loop, and why all positive actions, big and small, are equally important.

Visionary or virtue-signalling: how can innovation reduce climate change?

Tech: we all have it, we all use it, and that's part of the problem. The IT industry is responsible for close to 4% of the greenhouse gas emissions on earth, so how are we addressing the challenge?

We discuss materials innovation with Mateo Dugand, from memory-driven computing to new strides in photonics and optical fibres. We look at how governments are incentivising new innovations with Mattie Yetta from DEFRA, and what we can do to hold organisations accountable.

IT asset lifecycles: do you know what happens to your old tech?

The take, make, use, throw model is done for - say hello to the new frontier of asset upcycling. Ray McGann gives us the lowdown on repurposing and recycling at HPE's Technology Renewal Centre in Erskine. Find out why you don't need to crush your drives to protect data, and why building a sustainable data centre inside your four walls is only half of the equation.

Plus, Steve Gair troubleshoots your asset refresh cycles, and explains where you can save money and, most importantly, reduce your environmental impact.

Key takeaways:

  • More than the sum of its parts. Corporate sustainability strategies and goals and important, but sustainability is about more than recycling bins in the company canteen. No factor is too big or too small, we make the case for action in every part of the cycle.
  • Facts are facts. As Mateo Dugand eloquently put it: "There are thousands of scientists out there and they are all saying the same thing". When in doubt, turn to the IPCC for facts and figures, and the UN Global Goals for alignment. There are always new ways to learn, innovate, and collaborate in organisations of any size.
  • A new vision of the future. It's not all doom and gloom! Tackling sustainability head-on presents a world of possibility where organisations can transform their processes, reduce spending, and profit, all while ensuring long-term viability for themselves, for our resources, and the planet.

Links and Resources:

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UN Global Sustainable Development Report 2019

UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA)

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

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