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Uncertain times call for BOLD moves

Looking back on the past 12 months since I joined HPE, I could not be prouder of the UK&I Pointnext Services team and how much we have achieved.  Last month, we announced our Memorandum of Understanding with UK Crown Commercial Services. The agreement will bring the pay-per-use cloud experience to public sector applications and data (at the Edge or in the data centre) using HPE GreenLake. We’ve also secured net new GreenLake deals elsewhere in both the public and commercial sectors.  Additionally, we were awarded the Security Innovation Award 2020 for the innovation and positive impact on Policing and Security based on our joint collaboration with Intelligent Voice and Lancashire Police. And we’re not done yet!

In February, during my last trip abroad before lockdown, I had a light bulb moment at a Global Pointnext Services meeting where we were discussing enablement, upskilling & building skills, and driving forward a more inclusive culture. Like many organisations, driving one vision can be a challenge; it’s not intentional but sometimes habits are hard to break. It got me thinking about how we can really drive cultural transformation inside Pointnext while continuing to increase our relevance amongst customers and employees.

HPE has been on quite a journey over the past four years, with an abundance of corporate activity that has shaped the company as it now stands. Through all of this, however, our focus on technology innovation and customer satisfaction has remained steadfast.

During my first three months, I spent a considerable amount of time getting to know my staff - for example, by conducting skip-level reviews. If we don’t know our people, we cannot push for better. I firmly believe in the power of “Yes we can” and empowering my staff with a voice at the table. I see this as being crucial to the success of both Pointnext and our ecosystem of customers and partners.

So in June, I launched Project BOLD internally to our team with the key purpose of advancing the way people live and work. The ongoing aim is to develop outstanding team members capable of delivering exceptional customer business outcomes - all while acting with uncompromising integrity.

I’ve created a critical work stream group around culture and communication to ensure that every day, week, and month all of us at Pointnext understand our purpose: to transform business outcomes for our customers.

I want Project BOLD to drive curiosity and a love of learning, and I want to consistently delight our customers in order that they can better serve their own customers. As the name suggests, Project BOLD is about pushing ourselves to do better – underpinned by our ethos to embrace courage over comfort.

We’re stepping things up to improve the delivery of innovation and the utilisation of data – enabled by our Pointnext advisory teams and HPE’s industry leading technology – to improve customer outcomes, differentiation and experience.

“The true value we can offer is in teaching our customers something new and demonstrating the 'how'. Being BOLD means setting the bar high and delivering against our promises with speed and agility.” 

As we adjust to living with COVID-19, it has become even more apparent to me that we have got to be bold – and help our customers to do the same. We’re tightening our focus on impact and outcome; we want to make a difference for our customers – and at pace.

Accelerating what’s next and obsessing over the customer is extremely important to me.  When I challenge people on what customer obsession really means, it’s interesting to hear the answers. To me, it is simply about focusing on our customers’ customers – accelerating time to value and time to market. 

HPE may look like a completely different organisation to five years ago, but at our core we remain a very forward-thinking organisation. Throughout my 25+ years working in the tech sector, I have championed Diversity & Inclusion - something that is driven from the top at HPE. Now more than ever we need to demonstrate inclusive leadership and support our teams across the whole business and not just within the area we lead. 

I am honoured to be part of a leadership team that is not only diverse in ethnicity, gender and thought, but which also understands the importance of long-term value creation. I am incredibly proud of Pointnext’s proven success delivering on our purpose to advance the way people live and work, and believe Project BOLD will help us drive even greater achievements for our customers.

Sue Preston
Hewlett Packard Enterprise


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Sue is the Vice President & GM of HPE Pointnext Services in the UKI. With over 28 years' experience in IT, Sue delivers key industry insights and helps organisations accelerate ROI and digital transformation.

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