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Correction to .. Operations Analytics

mikeshaw747 ‎03-05-2014 02:38 AM - edited ‎03-05-2014 02:45 AM

In my blog post on Operations Analytics, I said that Kamla (the hero of the post) couldn't put monitors onto BYOD mobile devices. 


It was pointed out by one of our BSM experts that this is no longer the case.




HP does indeed have the technology to “put monitors on the BYOD mobile devices”.  With our RUM monitoring for Native Applications, Kamla simply has to instrument her “Crabs” game (both iOS and Android) and replace the game in the app store with a slightly fatter one. 


When the Crabs gamers install the new updated version, all HTTP(s) traffic for the game , which is typically what games use, will be monitored whether or not the traffic extends back to Kamla’s data center or terminates at the supporting cloud service providers.  There would have been a user session with “server 500 errors”, or long “connect to server” times during the time that resources were tight.  This could have easily been captured in HP Operations Analytics as well.


With this solution, the customer support team for Crabs would have been able to apologize immediately for the resourcing gaff – they would have been able to know exactly who was affected… and perhaps they would have been able to mitigate the poor application ratings.


We hope to extend this functionality in the future. We will even be able to measure the rendering response time of GUI actions on mobile devices resulting from user actions (swipes, zooms, pinches, clicks, etc) and not just the underlying web traffic. Stay tuned.

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