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Discover discussion: The relationship between business and IT

‎06-07-2012 02:33 PM - edited ‎06-11-2012 09:50 AM

How has consumerization affected the relationship between the business and IT? What can IT learn from other industries that will help it evolve to meet the challenges it faces today? At HP Discover these questions sparked a fascinating and far-ranging discussion between three well-known experts – HP Chief Cloud Technologist Christian Verstraete, HP Software Evangelist Paul Muller and Tripwire founder and Visible Ops co-author Gene Kim – resulting in some very concrete insights that CIOs can start applying today.





Consumerization has tipped the balance of power between IT and the business. And these days essentially anyone can easily purchase IT services via the cloud. Yet IT is increasingly handling more of what the business does (50% of all capital spend is spent on IT, and 85% of all capital projects involve IT). And IT is increasingly part of the products the business produces: for instance 35% of the value of a car is electronics and IT.


With IT so central to the business, and yet at the same time on-premise IT often struggling to stay relevant to innovation, one solution is to look at the lessons provided by other industries, in particular manufacturing. This goes back to an idea we’ve brought up before on this blog (“Why thinking like a designer is key for cloud applications”): bringing manufacturing design processes into IT delivery. Christian elaborates further on his blog with a post called “Software development, can we learn from Manufacturing?”


DevOps is foundational to these changes. And the video closes with clear suggestions of how CIOs can get started (watch the clip to get the full detail). In the simplest possible terms the message is get your Dev and your Ops people talking.


Watch more Discover videos at www.hp.com/go/backstage.

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