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Location Deletions


Location Deletions

After some assistance...


I am trying to do some cleansing of the system by deleting inactive users who have now left our company.


When trying to delete the users I am getting the following message..


"This Location has been used as the property "Record Location" for one or more Records. You will need to specify a replacement Location before you can delete this Location.


Anyone know what is causing this?


Using Trim 7.1.2



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Re: Location Deletions

It's saying that that location is the owner, home, or assignee of a record.  You must pick a replace.  Usually you'd replace it with the department the person was in.

HPE Expert

Re: Location Deletions

Two comments:


1. Deleting/replacing these inactive locations will potentially alter the online audit log of those records to which the location is attached. In my opinion it's best to leave the inactive users in the database - after all, they're hidden from most users by the default location filters anyway. A less severe change could be to move them to a group called "Ex-employees" (keeping in mind this will remove the context of the department/position they worked in at the time when the record was assigned to them.


2. This sort of change is particularly database-intensive and should only be done outside of peak times - even better, outside of business hours.


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Re: Location Deletions

Totally agree with Neil. 


Removing and "replacing" an inactive location (person) is totally irresponsible especially in the eyes of the Courts.