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Oracle query help!

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Oracle query help!

Can anyone give me the Oracle query that will move certain users that have a request in the TSEVENTDAT table from one workgroup server to another?


Something like:


MOVE from edforworkgroupid = '2' where edloginid = 'ralph' to edforworkgroupid = '1';


(I want to move every record in the tseventdat table where edloginid is ralph to edworkgroupid = '1')


Thanks in advance!



Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle query help!

First turn off the event server, then run this query:


update tseventdat set edForWorkgroupID = 2 where edLoginId = 'ralph' AND edForWorkgoupId = 1


Then turn on the event server.


Note that not all events are processed by the first available server.  So reassigning some events won't help (like audit logging, DCI).