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Search within a container

Occasional Contributor

Search within a container

I am trying to do a document content search on records within a specified container but do not get any matches.  I wonder if there is something that I am missing and would appreciate some help - even if it seems obvious.  My search criteria is:


Contained within (container number) and document content is: ......... (keywords)


Thanks for any help


Jayne Langley

Valued Contributor

Re: Search within a container

Hi Jayne,


Does the item appear in a search using either content or container criteria?  I'm thinking there might be a filtering issue or the content is not searching correctly, rather than the problem being about a combined search.  What do you think?





Occasional Contributor

Re: Search within a container

James Not too sure about that - I'll try a content search and see if it works. Regards Jayne