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Searching for numbers in the Notes field

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Searching for numbers in the Notes field

Hi all,


I have a group that wants me to scan all their documents twice - first scanning the individual documents, then scanning them combined together into a packet - with the idea that they can search for them either individually or as part of the whole. Obviously, I'm loathe to have a ton of duplicates floating around.  We can create extra records for the individual documents and cross-reference to the image in the packet, of course, but this is going to make searches cumbersome for other folks in the division. My solution was to scan all their documents into one packet and then list in the Notes field which individual documents were contained within it.  This works fine for the text, but when I added the Classifications to the document titles in the Notes field as a means of further refining their searches, it comes up with zero results.


I have played around with this and it seems that the decimals are what is throwing it off. If I change the Classifications in Notes to 1/2/1 instead of 1.2.1, it'll find what I'm looking for.  But I've already got a battle on my hands getting these folks to search anything and this will only confuse them further. Is there something I'm missing in the Notes settings that will enable it to read decimals?



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Re: Searching for numbers in the Notes field

What version are you using?


It works the way you want in 7.33.

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Re: Searching for numbers in the Notes field

7.3.1, unfortunately.