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TRIM Workflow Email Fields

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TRIM Workflow Email Fields

This query is for a TRIM 7.1 environment.


We've set up email templates and workflows.  Everything is working 100%.


The thing we're struggeling with is in the message we'd like to add 2 fields:

1.  Person's name who completed activity in workflow and sent it to the next person.

2.  If rolled back - the reason for rollback.


For both options we have used a number of fields to try, but nothing provides the results we're after.


For the first case, we've used Completed By Name (returns blank), Created By (returns person who created workflow) and a number of other options.


For the second case we've tried the different note fields as well as "Reason for Suspension"  ... the fields either return blank, or the template note value.


Any suggestions?

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Re: TRIM Workflow Email Fields

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As far as I can tell this isn't possible, because the information you're after is specific to the previous activity. The e-mail template only allows you to include fields for the current activity.


Another option would be for the user to right-click on the activity that's just been assigned to them and select "Open in Workflow Editor". This way they'd be able to see the assignee and/or rollback reason for the previous activity.


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Re: TRIM Workflow Email Fields

Bit more time consuming but if you get it right...One could develop a custom UDF Event Processor Addin,; trap every Event Type; then perhaps re-inject business rules for notification or as what you described....Extend Event Processor Addin and implement your requirements.

If one traps events server side; one could develop their own notification rules with the required metadata for email notification purposes.

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