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Word Indexing hangs in HPE RM

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Word Indexing hangs in HPE RM

From time to time our Word Indexing hangs - new Documents do not have their Titles indexed;  the number Queued in the Event Process Monitor grows;  the Word Index process says it is Running.  

We cannot see anything in the Windows Logs, and the documents just beofre the hang do not seem unusual and behave normally in all other aspects.  

If we change the Configuration of Word Indexing from <Any> to the Workgroup Server which does not have the backlog Queued, accept the warning and save and deploy, then the backlog clears in seconds.  

When it next hangs, we can change the Configuration over and again the backlog will clear.

Any ideas will be welcome!

We are using HPE RM on Windows Server 2012 R2 with MS SQLserver 2016.  All 64 bit.

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Re: Word Indexing hangs in HPE RM

Does anything appear in the WGS or Event logs for RM?

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Re: Word Indexing hangs in HPE RM

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Do you have any Indexed Words that are at a very high number?

In 8.3. when a Word is Indexed, it will run a count of that word to see how many times it's occured, to update statistics. I believe in v7 it just appeneded +1 to the count.

This change of behavior means larger instances of words will introduce more load onto the Database. For instance, if you had a word that is very common, and not a Noise Word, Word Indexing will constant run counts constantly which will take time and take a toll on the database.

To minimise this, I would look at your biggest words (your DBA can run the code below to return your word counts) and consider adding them as Noise Words.

SELECT ixWordName, ixWordCount FROM TSINDEXWOR ORDER BY ixWordCount desc


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Re: Word Indexing hangs in HPE RM

I have not found anything in the Windows logs;  I'm not sure I have looked at all the other relevant logs - the ones I have found show nothing that looks to me to be linked by time or action to the hanging.

Are there any logs you'd particularly suggest?  Thanks, David

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Re: Word Indexing hangs in HPE RM

Thank you;  I'll have a look at that.  Regards, David

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Re: Word Indexing hangs in HPE RM

We are on the same build and since our upgrqace from 8.1 Word Indexing has been hopelessly broken,. The indexing stops 3-4 times a week.

Is the high-count words likely to be the issue here or just a grasping of straws ? We don't see any resouce issues on the servers when this happens.

We are looking at removing all noise words and doing a full reindex but it sounds like this will make a bad situation even worse.



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Re: Word Indexing hangs in HPE RM

I found that having an extra Workgroup server helped sometimes.  Reindexing seemed also to help for a while.  

I wondered whether the problem was to do with loss of access rights for the HPE RM Services account;  are there any limitations on its rights in your system?  Are there any things that are changing with roughly the same frequency as the loss of Word Indexing?

I'm afraid I am no longer associated with that site, so I cannot investigate any further.  

Have you put in a support request to HPE?  They usually get there in the end.  

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event