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****FORUM FAQ**** - All your questions answered

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****FORUM FAQ**** - All your questions answered

**Please note that the Forums general FAQ can be found here. This guide is by no means trying to replace it, I just want to call out some specifics within the community.**


Table of Contents



How do I subscribe to a board?

We have two ways you can subscribe to a board, one via RSS and the other via an Email digest. Detailed below is how to set these up.


Email digest

1) Navigate to the board you wish to subscribe to and click on the "Board options" menu item, then press "Subscribe":




2) Next you will want to configure the frequency of your Email digest plus various other options. To do this go to your Profile > Subscriptions and Bookmarks page:





Don't forget to save your changes when you have finished!


1) The subscription process to an RSS feed is very similar to the above. Go to the desired board you wish to subscribe to and click on the "Board options" menu item, then select "Subscribe to RSS feed":




2) On the next page you are presented with the RSS feed. From here you can copy the feed URL and use it in your favourite RSS Reader. Personally I use Google Reader but you may want to consider some alternatives that may suit you better.

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Re: ****FORUM FAQ**** - All your questions answered

How do I subscribe to a topic?

Topics can be subscribed to in a similar process that's used for subscriptions to Boards.


1) Navigate to the topic you wish to subscribe to, click the "Topic Options" link and select either "Subscribe to RSS Feed" for RSS or "Subscribe" for Email digest.




NOTE: For the Email digest subscription you can customize frequency and other options via Profile > Subscriptions and Bookmarks.

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Re: ****FORUM FAQ**** - All your questions answered

More information on Subscriptions

Further information about Subscriptions can be found over here in the Help section of this forum.

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Re: ****FORUM FAQ**** - All your questions answered


Attachments can be easily added to your posts via the "Attachments" area just below the Rich Text editor:



Once the file(s) are uploaded you can then submit your post with the files attached.


NOTE: The max file limit is 20, max file size is 10MB and only the following file types are allowed: jpg, gif, png, pdf, rar, zip, doc, docx, pptx, ppt, pps, xls, xlsx, csv, txt and log.

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How to update your contact information

There maybe a time when you need to update your email address, address or contact preferences. Since your forum account is tied to your HP Passport you will need to go through these steps to update that information.


1) Navigate to your profile page (top right of page):



2) Once on your profile page click on "Contact Information" in the HP Passport menu:



3) This will take you through to your HP Passport account information where you can update all of your contact information.