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1-TB Fiber Channel EVA Drives

Carlow Man
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1-TB Fiber Channel EVA Drives

Hey Guys,

I am just wondering what are the current firmware levels on the 1 TB Fata drives. I believe it is HP05 but can someone please confirm ?



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Víctor Cespón
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Re: 1-TB Fiber Channel EVA Drives



The following 7.2K RPM HP06 enhancements are included in this release:

Fixed an issue with exchange timeouts in low temperature environments by decreasing the RAW (Read After Write) temperature threshold.

Fixed an issue where command timeouts would occur due to an overlapped command in the queue.

Fixed an issue where the drive would hang due to near-sequential writes interacting with RAW.

Fixed an issue of a drive hang caused during a read command after several queue-full responses during deep queue read testing.

Fixed an issue where the drive would Assert during sequential reads when the sequential read command was terminated by a check condition.

Fixed an issue in which the drive would erroneously SMART trip for ESI errors.