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4/16 Firmware update

Jeff Wolfe_1
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4/16 Firmware update

We have 2 EL 4/16 switchs at release 5.3.1.a. I upgraded one of the switchs to 6.00b in an attempt to finally get to 6.2.2.c. However, after the upgrade to 6.00b the switch went into a marginal state reporting that flash utilization was at 87% exceeding the 85% threshold allowed. Is there any way to make more space on the switch?
I tried the supportsave -R, but that did nothing. I've reverted back to the 5.3 release for now, but I would like to get the most current FW version.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Rajiv Kulkarni
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Re: 4/16 Firmware update

Supportsave -R is supposed to remove the core files. Alternatively login to the switch with root account. Execute /bin/df.

/dev/root is the active partition, you may find in some core files there.

You could try 'savecore -l' which lists all core files, then delete them by using savecore -R.

NOTE: If you need a copy of the core files, FTP them before deletion.

Example outputs:

switch:admin> savecore -l

switch:admin> savecore -R
removing core files under: /core_files/panic
removing core files under: /core_files/zoned
removing core files under: /mnt/core_files/nsd
removing core files under: /mnt/core_files/panic