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450GB Disk Drive Firmware Issue - BF450DAJZR

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450GB Disk Drive Firmware Issue - BF450DAJZR

We've recently added a new 450GB FC Disk model number BF450DAJZR to our EVA6000. We're running CV 9.1 & XCS6200. When we add the disk we get the following error:
SC Event Code: 06354d04 - An unrecognized Fibre Channel physical disk drive firmware revision has been detected by the physical disk drive firmware load process.

Trouble is, we can't locate a firmware update for this drive and the latest bundle I can locate is 2009_05 & contains no reference to this disk model.

Anyone have any ideas or a link to an update or bundle that might help?

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Víctor Cespón
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Re: 450GB Disk Drive Firmware Issue - BF450DAJZR

It's supported on the following firmware versions:

6.100, 6.110, 6.200, 6.220, 09501x00, 0952x000


Don't worry about the message, it just means that the disk has a firmware more recent that the one on the EVA.