ADU Hangs


ADU Hangs

I am trying to use the ADU to generate a report but it hangs after examining a few physical drives.

ADU is installed on a SuSE Enterprise server 9 platform, on one of two DL380 G5 Clustered gateway machines. The array consists of a single MSA1510CS and 4 MSA30 drive enclosures. I installed the latest version of ADU (8.26-1).

When I try to generate a report the program runs up to about 16% overall progress and the bar stops. Usually on "Examining Physical Drive 1:3" although I have seen it stop on 1:2.

I can see that something is still happening though as system resources are being used, there just is never any more progress. I have left the report running overnight and in the morning its where I left it.

I have also tried doing this using the CLI version of ADU with the same results (presumably since there is no progress bar I assume it stops at about the same place).

Has anyone had this happen, or know of a way to get the ADU to progress past this sticking point?