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Add additional physical drive to VDisk?

M. Salm
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Add additional physical drive to VDisk?

Client has an MSA2312i, to which I just added an additional two disks. Initially one vDisk was created via wizard to be RAID 50 in a two stripe x 4 disk/stripe configuration (Two stripes of RAID5). Two disks were assigned as hot spares to that vDisk (local, not global). The two newly-added disks cannot be assigned to the existing vDisk. They cannot be added to the end of the existing RAID5 stripes (making them 5-disk RAID5 stripes). They can be added to a new RAID5 stripe (which requires a minimum of 3 disks, thus adding only two is not valid). I could create a new RAID1 mirror set vDisk, but there would be no hot spare (as the spares are already allocated locally to the first vDisk above). I can’t remove the existing Hot Spares and reallocate one into the third RAID5 stripe, nor can I convert them to global hot spares.

So, short of blowing away the entire config and starting from scratch, is it possible to add the additional disks, and if so, please hook me up with some resources on how to do so!

Patrick Terlisten
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Re: Add additional physical drive to VDisk?


do you get any error messages while processing the necessary tasks?

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