Adding Brocades

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Adding Brocades


Been doing mgmt too long and haven't added in switches for awhile.

So just posting what I think I'm going to to and see if any of you can spot any glaring mistakes. Or simply make suggestions to make it better :)

I have two Fabrics (A / B)

Will be adding in two SLKWRM 410 (32 port) Brocade switches into two existing fabrics.

Not doing a Mesh. Simply want to extend each fabric by running an ISL (maybe 2 ISL's) to each switch.

So here's my rundown on how I'm going to add the switches:

Start with FABRIC A
- Switch already has basic config done
from a previous person (Name etc).
- Fabric OS is the same as current Fabric
switches (v6.2.0g)
- Domain ID of new switch is higher than
the rest. (to ensure it doesn't try to
take over as principal when plugged in

Run the following on the new switch:
1. switchdisable
2. cfgclear (blow away config)
3. cfgenable
4. cfgsave
5. Plug in the ISL
6. switchenable
7. fabricshow (see if it's merged)
8. switchshow
9. zoneshow

Once comfortable that the switch has joined the fabric and all is well do the next switch on the other fabric.

Note I'm only doing one ISL per switch at the moment. Will analyze ISL traffic later and determine if additional ISL's are needed.

EASY points for people suggesting improvements to the process.

The Devil is in the detail.
Stephen Kebbell
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Re: Adding Brocades

I would do the following on the new switch:

1. cfgdisable (cfgenable requires a cfg to be specified)
2. cfgclear
3. cfgsave
4. cfgshow (to make sure zoning is really gone on the new switch)
5. switchdisable
6. Plug in ISL
... and the rest is OK.

Uwe Zessin
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Re: Adding Brocades

Normally the switch with the lowest WWN (not the lowest domain ID) becomes the fabric principal, but it depends on the current state of the fabric and there are 'hints' (the 'fabricprincipal' command) to make other suggestions to the fabric OS.

For the command order I agree with Stephen.