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Adding drives to EVA6400

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Adding drives to EVA6400

We have a EVA6400 with two disk groups. DG1 is made up of 56 450Gb FC disks and DG2 is made up of 48 1Gb FATA drives. The FC drives consume the 6 rightmost bays and the FATA drives connsume the left 6 bays in all the enclosures.  We recently added 2 new encloures and the right side drives have been populated with FC disk however we have more FC disks to install. What are the implications if I were to add the remaining FC disks? Bascially the whole enclosure would be populated with FC disks. What risks does this pose? Is the EVA smart enought to know that multiple disks of a diskgroup are in the same enclosure?


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Re: Adding drives to EVA6400

Technically there is no issue in having all the disks in an enclosure populated with FC disks.


EVA will know that there are multiple disks of same disk group in an enclosure.


You can refer :ftp://ftp.compaq.com/pub/products/storageworks/whitepapers/5982-9140EN.pdf page 7 (


Shelf and disk organization) which gives guidelines on how best you can distribute the disks if there is a possibility to do in a configuration.



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