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Adding enclosures to EVA8400 gone wrong

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Adding enclosures to EVA8400 gone wrong

I have an EVA8400 running 09534000 and CommandView 9.3

I tried adding 5 new storage enclosures. I installed them in the rack, filled them full of shiny new drives, cabled them exactly as described in http://bizsupport2.austin.hp.com/bc/docs/support/SupportManual/c02248317/c02248317.pdf but when I added the new enclosures to the 1st channel (green) all hell broke loose - the EVA "locked up" - it stopped serving LUNs, the messages "Too many HSV" showed on the front panel, along with some fault codes, and I had to restart both controllers manually from the front panel. Needless to say, it was a long night picking up all of the pieces.

What did I do wrong?

In the logs I have "A Fibre Channel port has transitioned to the FAILED state.
View corrective actionsCorrective action code: c3" which I completely expected, followed by "A Fibre Channel port has transitioned to the NORMAL state." which I also expected.

The termination log shows "Crash forced by other HSV450 controller." followed by "This HSV450 controller was requested to terminate operation in order to recover from a fast failover by remaining in single controller mode until the failover data in the cache can be completely flushed." about 17 minutes later; both of these were from controller A
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Re: Adding enclosures to EVA8400 gone wrong

For what it's worth, I've done this (with HP onsite too) and it certainly is possible!

I guess the first thing I'd suggest is working with HP to do this, even though it's certainly something that should be possible for the end-user.

I assume you followed the "on-line" cabling guide? I'm wondering if what you got was because both paths on that loop were broken...which is a bad thing. Doing the "on-line" recabling should only break one loop path at a time and not both...so although you see errors in CV, they are temporary and go away when you reconnect the 2nd path.

(One side effect of doing it online is that you cant necessarily get all the shelves on the same loop next to each other.)

Not sure if any of that helps!
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Re: Adding enclosures to EVA8400 gone wrong

I can think of two things here...

1. Did you run the redundancy check before attempting this upgrade? Check can determine if all the paths to drive shelves are functioning or not. If you missed it, it's very big assumption that redundant connections were working on the EVA.

2. Are you adding all the 5 shelves to a single loop? How many shelves already existing on that loop. On EVA84000 each loop supports maximum of 9 shelves (a total of 27 shelves with 3 loops). Hope you are not crossing that limit.