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BLc7000 with BL465 and EVA4400

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BLc7000 with BL465 and EVA4400

Hi Everyone,

We will be migrating to to a c7000 with EVA 4400(not wally's gf) with 4 bl465. We have a couple months to get this ready so I have time on my side.

There are a few steps in getting these ready and I was wondering if there would be a prefferred order of installation to make things go smoothly.

We'll end up with 1 DC-AD-DNS server and 3 clustered servers with 5 hyper-v servers. I have the DC-AD-DNS server running fine. It's the 3 servers with the clustering service that I want to setup next.

I have noted the following steps and I just need some experienced feedback if I should switch any around etc.

01.Install Server 2008 Enterprise with Hyper-V and SP1
02.Install Hyper-V Role
03.Rename Servers
04.Join to domain
05.renumber IP Addresses
06.Install server 2008 SP2
07.enable remote desktop
08.install snmp service for psp
09.Update Broadcom Driver for error in psp install
10.Install PSP
11.Do server 2008 updates - No IE8
12.command view for eva 9.0.1
13.Install MPIO and FC adapter driver from Smart Start EVA CD
14.Install cluster service

Once this is ready I will set the hyper-v servers or should they be ready before the clustering.

Thanks for your input and let me know if there may be a better place for this discussion.
Thanks for your time and have a great day!
Steven Clementi
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Re: BLc7000 with BL465 and EVA4400

You should probably doo all your service pachs and updates before you start doing your clustering.

Also, you will need Command View up and running before hand in order to configurte your storage for the clustering.

I would think that the order of things should look more like...

1. Install OS
2. Configure SNMP and Remote Desktop
3. Install Windows Service Pack
4. Install other Updates
5. Install PSP
6. Install Updated Broadcom driver
7. Install Updated HBA drivers and MPIO
8. Rename/Re-IP if necessary
9. Join Domain
10. Install Command View
11. Install Clustering (after configuring shared disks) and/or Install Hyper-v Role

I am not very up to speed on Hyper-v and/or Win2008 at this point so not sure how things get configured in regards to them... but the basic steps are there.

This would probably be better in the Microsoft Forums... but the people here should still be able to give some decent feedback.

Steven Clementi
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Re: BLc7000 with BL465 and EVA4400

Thanks for your input Steven.

I have the EVA all configured and presented to their hosts already but I forgot to mention it.

I am having an issue when installing CV. The local account option seems to work fine but I seem to get insufficient rights when I try the domain account option.

I believe I have added the proper accounts to the HP Storage Admins and HP Storage Users groups on the DC. I have also modified the local security policy as per the installation guide (pg 17-18).

Is it normal to use the local option over the domain option or am I just missing a permission?

Thanks for your time and have a great day!
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Re: BLc7000 with BL465 and EVA4400

We now have all the servers setup properly with Hyper-v cluster services with pass thru drives from the EVA4400. Now we'll see how the SQL and Exchange install goes.

We just used the local rights for the command view and it seems to be OK.
Thanks for your time and have a great day!