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Backup from iscsi to a tape library

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Backup from iscsi to a tape library


I have a NVR (model SRN 4000 of samsung) with 45 TB ocupped in internal disks. I want to backup this data toward external storage. I don't have space in other disks, so backup to tape could be an option.

This NVR has an iscsi interface. Also, I have a tape library connected to FC SAN.

The question is:
How to backup data from the NVR to the tape library ? It is possible connect a tape library using iscsi ? Another option ?
Please, provide me any clue according your experience.



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Re: Backup from iscsi to a tape library

This question should be asked to samsung ...


IMHO your only option is to read the data from the device and write to tape using a backup software running on another server, as long as your device cannot handle tape backups.

Hope this helps!

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