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Boot to P6550 System Disk

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Boot to P6550 System Disk

I have a mixed architecture cluster (3 AXP's and 1 IA64).  All 4 system were down to >>> prompt.  We tried to boot two of the AXP systems to a P6550 EVA, and each found the boot path to the boot disk, and started to come up.  They each did the handshake to form a cluster, however they never made it any further.   When we halted and changed the boot path to point to its old system disk on an EVA8100, they booted no problem.  The AXP systems are both GS1280's.     If anyone knows of a bug, firmware update, sysgen param, please let me know. I'm very curious to see why the systems couldn't boot to the new storage.  Thanks

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Re: Boot to P6550 System Disk

Obvious question, did you set the correct O/S type on the new EVA boot LUN?
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