Brocade FCIP

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Brocade FCIP

Hi Guys,
I have the following scenario and i need your help.
Currently my customer have two site "Main/DR"
in each site we have two brocade director DCX, merged together through ISL "Dark Fiber", the plan is to add a new site and configure FCIP over between the third site -->main
and Third Site-->DR
in the third site we will have two brocade directors DCX-4S, and we will FR18i to all the directors.
PLease note, the plan is to note merge the fabric with the third site
my question are:
1- do we need to enable FC-FC routing on all the switches?, or just on the third site "trying to eliminate any downtime in the main site"
2- do we have to configure VEX ports on all the directores or just on the third site.
3- is there any clear document "Step by step" tested by any of you guys?
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