Brocade bcu on RHEL

Ulf Dahlqvist
Occasional Advisor

Brocade bcu on RHEL



We have a number of Proliant servers with RHEL and Brocade HBAs.

The Brocade driver is included in the RHEL distribution.

We haven’t installed the Brocade driver package.

(We’re trying to avoid installing drivers from external sources for maintenance/support reasons.)


Now we need Brocade bcu for a support case on a Brocade HBA.


So I installed the Brocade HBA Utilities package, which includes bcu and hcm.


But when I run bcu I just get "ERROR: Brocade adapter/driver not installed or loaded".


Does anybody know how to get bcu running with Brocade drivers from the RHEL distribution?


Or, will I have to install the full Brocade driver package?