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Brocade firmware upgrade sequence

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Brocade firmware upgrade sequence

I need to upgrade our SAN to a more current release eg 6.2.0e from our current standard of 5.3.0d. This will need to be done in multiple steps and our SAN is comprised of a couple of 4/256 directors and many C-Class brocade switches connected in Access Gateway (NPIV) mode.
1. Is there a preferred order to do the upgrades (core first, edge second...)?
2. Does it matter if we leave the other fabric with the old firmware for a week or so to give us failback security?.
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Re: Brocade firmware upgrade sequence

1. I would do the core first then edge second but I don't think it matters just as long as they all get updated to the same version.

2. It will not matter at all if the other fabric is left with the old firmware, as long as the two fabrics are totally separated.

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Re: Brocade firmware upgrade sequence

shIVinator is right.. You can proceed in core / edge but my suggestion is to take config backup of all switch before you upgrade the firmware....

If two seperate fabric you can keep it
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Re: Brocade firmware upgrade sequence

Check the release notes for each firmware. There's a table that tells you with which versions is it compatible.

In most models, you have to upgrade them to 5.3.1a / 6.0.1a before upgrading the others on the same fabric to 6.2.x.
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Re: Brocade firmware upgrade sequence


please refer this document may be this will help you out :)

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Re: Brocade firmware upgrade sequence

1. does not matter - whats more important is that you should run the same FOS version on all SAN switches of the same product/model in the same fabric.

5.3.0d -> 5.3.1a
5.3.1a -> 6.0.1a
6.0.1a -> 6.1.0d
6.1.0d -> 6.2.0e

short on time - double check the upgrade paths - I can tell you (just having completed the FOS upgrades from v5.x to v6.x on 40+ SAN switches) that if you don't have the correct path - the upgrade simply errors and won't proceed - Brocade's single version upgrade policy makes it difficult especially if you are behind in switch FOS.

Hope, it helps.