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Brocade switch swapout

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Brocade switch swapout

We currently have a DCX switch with 6 48-port blades that is going to be swapped out for a new DCX core switch in a couple of months.  During this process we will also be migrating the IP addresses for the switch to new subnets.  Due to space constraints I'm going to have to pull the fiber from the old switch, down it, install the new switch, replace the fiber and copy the zoneset to it.  It's been many moons since I've set up a new Brocade, so I thought I'd ask the team if there is anything additional I need to be aware of.

The new switch wil be configured with a different domain ID and different IP addresses on the two CP blades and for the VIP that floats between them.  We will be standing up a new BNA server in the new subnet for monitoring and management.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!