CA Zoning

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CA Zoning

Hello all,
I'm trying to work out how to zone the following to enable CA:
EVA8400 site1 to EVA8100 site2, XCS09522000 and 6.220.
2 x 4100 and 1 x mpr400 site1 fabric A and B
2 x 5000 and 1 x mpr400 site2 fabric A and B
All firmware 6.2.1
I want to use P4 for CA on both EVA's
Current config:
site1 and 2 fabric A controller A P1 and P3, controller B P1 and P3.
site1 and 2 fabric B controller A P2 and controller B P2.

I have plugged P4 of both controllers direct to the mpr400's on both sites. Both mpr400's are connected to fabric A and B of their site.

I have created a zone on the mpr's including all 4 P4 from both controllers.
I have also created an LSAN zone on site1 fabric B including the CV server and controller A P2 and B P2 but this does not export to site2

I must be doing something wrong but cant see what :(

Thanks for any help.
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Re: CA Zoning

I'm not sure of my ground here, but I thought the CV server would have to be in the same zone as the CA ports ie the P4's.
Víctor Cespón
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Re: CA Zoning

Better take a look at this:

There are several possibilities

The rules are:

Each controller should be able to see both controllers on the other EVA

Each Command View server must be able to see both EVAs

Create zones that include only the ports used for CA, do not mix CA and host traffic (you have 4 ports per controller, should not be a problem).