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CA between EVA 4100 and 4400

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CA between EVA 4100 and 4400

Dear All

We are planning to implement CA between our EVA 4100 in primary and 4400 in DR, the frimware are

EVA 4100 is with 6110 and
4400 is with 09534000 , is there any compatibility issue with these versions, after enabling the DR Group we lost connection to the eva 4100, i am not able to connect to it, says another system which is the DR CV EVA is managing it, and some time gives "Status code: 12003: Unable to process command at this time. Retry the command or check all connections."

Please advice

thank you

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Re: CA between EVA 4100 and 4400

HP has a website called "SPOCK" - single point of connectivity knowledge.
If you have an HP passport you should be able to access this info. If you do not have a passport then create one = free.
In SPOCK you will find lots of good info on many HP products but the one you will be really interested in at the moment is the "EVA s/w compatibility matrix" which will give you the answer to your question and probably many others about rev levels/compatibility.
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Re: CA between EVA 4100 and 4400


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