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CV integrated to EVA

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CV integrated to EVA

Good day, is that the EVA4400 has an integrated Command View on the controller, so you do not need a server for the CV, I wonder if this is the same in the EVA 6400 and EVA 8400, and from what level of Firmware is this possible.

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Bhavnish Kamboj (BK)
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Re: CV integrated to EVA

Yes, EVA4400 is the only EVA which has CV installed on its controllers (means web server runs on the controller) and you can access it by putting the Management Module IP address in the IE (

Default IP is

This module is not available in EVA6400/8400. so you have to install CV on some server.

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Re: CV integrated to EVA

CV on the EVA4400 runs on a special board (WOCP). It has a bit less functionality compared to CV running on a server.

Other EVAs don't have such board.

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Johan Guldmyr
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Re: CV integrated to EVA

For example you can only manage one EVA from the management module.

So if you want to use CA you need a server for this.
Uwe Zessin
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Re: CV integrated to EVA

> so you do not need a server for the CV

But you do! For serious work like disk firmware upgrades!
Dusko Lazarevic
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Re: CV integrated to EVA


Additional drawback for running CV on Array Based Manager is that SMIS provider is not supported. In case that you need to use SMIS provider which is required by SE and DP, you will have to install the same on the separate server.