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Cabling additional EVA6400 Enclosures


Cabling additional EVA6400 Enclosures

We currently have a 2C6D setup, this is how we originally bought the EVA, we now need to expand by adding two additional Enclosures.  The two additional enclosures will be located above the two controllers.

I attach a Visio layout of how the controllers and Enclosures are currently cabled.

Could someone assist as to how the two new enclosures should be added to the EVA.

Also, I hadn’t noticed before but i was expecting the enclosures to be number sequentially either top to bottom or vice versa, instead they are rather strangely numbered, is this normal?

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Re: Cabling additional EVA6400 Enclosures


basicly you have to fiber loops one going from DP1-A to the first IO-A then from one enclosure to the other

and coming back to DP1-A on the other controller  this in your case is 3 enclosures

the other loop is the same from DP1-B to another enclosure and the from one enclosure to the other coming back to DP1-B on the other controller. the loops on the other side are the same but if one loop goes from up to down the other goes from down to up.

it's in the installation guide if you want I can upload it for you.

if you want to add aditional enclosures online because of how your EVA was ordered your problem will be cables

because the cables that come with new enclosures are short and you will need at list 2 longer cables.

Cable FC Copper SFP 2m 324394-B21 you might have some with the original packging of the EVA

the numbering of the enclosures is not important but you can reorder them if you can turn off the EVA.

this would also be a good option for adding the new enclsures because the you can re-arrange the whole EVA.