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Change the SMIS host IP in Command View

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Change the SMIS host IP in Command View

Hi all,

In troubleshooting something else, I've noticed that some of our Command View servers have an incorrect value in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\SMI-S\EVAProvider\config\IPAddress.cfg"

The text inside the files is as follows:

"#This file contains the list of CommandView's that are discovered by SMIS.
#Editing this file manually is NOT recommended; Editing manually may result in un- expected results/behavior of SMIS.
#Please use the method HPEVA_ArrayRefreshStatus.ModifyProxyIPList() to add/remove the IP of CommandView
#localhost_added x.x.x.x"


(x.x.x.x refers to the incorrect IP which I want to change)


I'm not sure on how to actually change this to what it needs to be, this is stopping us adding some additional 3rd party monitoring which plugs into Command View.

Anyone got any tips on how to change this?

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Re: Change the SMIS host IP in Command View

The IP address in this file should be a valid IP of the CV host the SMI-S provider is installed on. If the IP has been changed since it was installed remove and reinstall CV would be the best solution. Sure, you could just change the IP in that file and restart the provider afterwards. Should do the job as well. If you're testing with SMI-S providers, wbemdisco is quite handy. (shipped with HPSIM)