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Check drive warranty how?!

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Check drive warranty how?!


I have an EVA 4400 with some disks which I want to know when the warranty expires on, as I believe the EVA is different to most HP stuff because the drives have a separate warranty...

Anyways I have gone onto the EVA and pulled a serial number off and put it in to the HP online warranty checker...

First time I got nothing, because I used the model number rather than the product ID, so I found the product ID (AG691A for example for a 1TB FATA) and then the serial, only to be given this:

Warranty information could not be calculated for this unit. Please check that you entered the correct serial number and product number. If the warranty information still cannot be calculated, please submit an online support case to HP using the Support Case Manager link, and include your serial number and product number. (418)

But the top bar of this page does ID the correct part, ie 1TB FATA drive...

Question is why is this not working and what can I do about it...

Trying desparately not to have to phone another country and quote a load of codes...
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Re: Check drive warranty how?!

The warranty check page worked for me when I entered one of my disk's product and serial number.

You might try looking up the service agreement for the EVA4400 (ITRC, My profile, View support agreements...). It's possible the disks have slightly different product ID codes.

Failing this, you should be able to open a case electronically via ITRC and save yourself the phone call.

Good luck.