Cisco/Brocade FCID

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Cisco/Brocade FCID

I need to replace Brocade switches (HP 2/16 and 4/32B) to Cisco MDS9148 in HP-UX (11.23 and 11.31) and Linux (RH 4 and RH5) environment.
I want to preserve HP-UX device files after switches replacement.
Is it any command in NX-OS to set FCID to Brocade format (0xDDPP00 where DD - domain ID, PP - port ID, 00 - in switched fabric) ?

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Re: Cisco/Brocade FCID

Hi Leo,

On the HP-UX 11i v3, you will be ok. One of the key changes on v3 is they changes the bindings of the new agile device files to bind to the WWID of the LUN, not the path to the target. If you haven't migrated to the new "agile" device files, then this would be the same as the v2 device files.

The default behavior on a Cisco SAN switch is to hand out FCID's sort of like DHCP in the networking world. Brocade bases the N Port ID on the port and domain ID, so the N Port IDs are persistiant and predictable. Personally, I prefer Brocade implemenation, but Cisco's is perfectly legal and it works fine. You just needs to be aware of this.

Back you your question. The answer is "Yes". The command is a switch in the "vsan" configuration commnands to set static domains and persistant FCIDs. Then you manully assign and FCID to each WWN. However, is is a detailed and requires a lot of legwork to make it work. If I may suggest a simplier way, and it can be done online.

Basically you need to document the device files for the affected VGs. Then plan on which one you are going to move first. Then "vgreduce" that path, and disconnect that path from the Brocade switch and move it to the Cisco switch. Scan the bus with the "ioscan -fC disk" command and you will see the new path (assuming zoning is set up). Then do a create the device files with the "insf -e" command. Then add the new device files to the VGs, and your halfway done. Then repeat this process with the other fabic, and you will have migrated online. I have done this many times without a hitch.

Good Luck,

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