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Cisco IVR Existing Fabric

Heather O'Neil

Cisco IVR Existing Fabric

Hi All,

We have a Cisco 9506 switch with a single VSAN (VSAN101). The switch has the enterprise package license and we're looking to implement IVR. I am familiar with IVR and have deployed it in the past, however, this scenario is a bit different. We're adding a financials server which needs to be completely isolated from all of the other servers, but still needs access to a storage array that resides on VSAN101. When I've deployed IVR in the past, I've always allocated a VSAN which included the storage devices to be shared via IVR. In this situation, I don't have that luxury. Does anyone see an issue with creating a VSAN (Let's say VSAN102), adding the Financial's HBA port, then create an IVR-VSAN which will include the Financial's HBA as well as the storage ports from VSAN101? We're using IVR-NAT and auto mode, I won'te be using AFID since it is a single switch and VSAN IDs are unique.

Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated?

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Re: Cisco IVR Existing Fabric

In my mind, the answer would hinge on *who* you are trying to satisfy the "completely isolated" requirement to. In my mind, simply having no other server in the same zone as your financial's server should suffice. However, if your internal auditor has started reading the documentation, maybe they want all measures taken.

I'm not sure what exactly what you are trying to accomplish, but I would be more concerned about the lack of the plural tense (HBA, Switch) in your SAN components.
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