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Cluster Extension EVA

Dear sir,

I have a doubt about DR Site cluster

we have BL870c server 4 nos ,we had installed 2 branch . 2 server one branch another 2 server other branch so total 4 server. each branch we made it failover clustering . it is working fine. we are going to implement WAN cluster ( merge ) both branch . i have doubt about VIRTUAL Cluster IP : it is virtual. suppose one branch down ( fail ) the virtual IP move to other branch cluster system is it possible? or will we create another virtual ip ? because our client all are using like ip suppose one branch down mean this ip switch over to other branch cluster system is it possible or will ew create two virtual ip. pls any one help me.
Patrick Terlisten
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Re: Cluster Extension EVA


the virtual ip-address will failover, that's right. So your routing should be cover this case. Otherwise you can't reach the cluster virtual ip-adress not from the other site. Best way is to use VLANs for the cluster on both sides, to which you can route your traffic. If the clients and clusters are in the same vlan on both sides, it will be tricky.

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