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Comman View 9.2.1 can't discover EVA 8400

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Comman View 9.2.1 can't discover EVA 8400

We have these platform:
Windows 2003 R2 Spanish (command view server)
HBA Brocade dual port
Command View 9.2.1
HP storageworks san switchs 8/24
EVA 8400

The san comunication is ok, the server is connect to eva, but the Comand View can't discover the eva, there is a message: "No Storage systems are visible to this management server for any of the following reasons: - there may be no systems connected to your SAN; - If there are EVA storage systems connected to your SAN , they may be password-protected. To make your password-protected systems visible to this server, click the options link in the session pane and follow the menus to configure your server's storage system access settings; - Because of network switch configuration, your systems may not be visible to this server. Reconfigure your switch; - One or more systems on your SAN may be running on one controller. Ensure that both controllers in each system are connected and running"

I try reboot the EVA, San switches, server, update hbas, switches but the CV don't discover the EVA, Can you help with this issue?

Re: Comman View 9.2.1 can't discover EVA 8400


Please check the zoning if the HBA is included in the

switch> cfgshow


Cfg show out put ..


If this is ok then you will have to check this out put on the Storage management server

C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\SANworks\Element Manager for StorageWorks HSV>cvutil.exe paths

Status ...

deleting file::.\trace\cvevascmi-5000-1FE1-5006-7770-100608-1.log.rlez, file age::90, maxAge::30

deleting file::.\trace\cvevascmi-5000-1FE1-5006-7770-100609-1.log.rlez, file age::89, maxAge::30

deleting file::.\trace\cvevascmi-5000-1FE1-5006-7770-100610-1.log.rlez, file age::88, maxAge::30

deleting file::.\trace\cvevascmi-5000-1FE1-5006-7770-100611-1.log.rlez, file age::87, maxAge::30

deleting file::.\trace\cvevascmi-5000-1FE1-5006-7770-100611-2.log.rlez, file age::86, maxAge::30

deleting file::.\trace\cvevascmi-5000-1FE1-5006-7770-100612-1.log.rlez, file age::86, maxAge::30

deleting file::.\trace\cvevascmi-5000-1FE1-5006-7770-100613-1.log.rlez, file age::85, maxAge::30

deleting file::.\trace\cvevascmi-5000-1FE1-5006-7770-100614-1.log.rlez, file age::84, maxAge::30

If this is comming all good . You might have to reboot the Storage management server and RESTART command View Eva services .

That should fix this issue ..


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Re: Comman View 9.2.1 can't discover EVA 8400

Did it work before or is it a new setup?

BTW, version 9.3 is available.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Comman View 9.2.1 can't discover EVA 8400

First trouble shooting step.

Check device manager.
Under SCSI devices, you must see the eva, recogniced as many times, as you got connections.

If you don't see it.
Check for unknown devices. If it appear under unknown devices - Install the drivers.

If you don't see it at all in device manager.
Check the Zoning.


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Re: Comman View 9.2.1 can't discover EVA 8400


Below will be my troubleshooting steps.First of all check the physical connections.

1) Thre is a command view installed to the management card. You can go to back of EVA and connect to the console with a cross cable. The default ip address is and user name is admin with no password. Check if you can see the storage there.Also check for the servers and present a test lun to the management server.

2) Check the zoning for the management server on the san switch.

3) Check the HBA software on the server and see if you can see the lun.


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