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Command View 10 - Insufficient Privileges on login


Command View 10 - Insufficient Privileges on login

Installed Command View 10 as part of a rebuild for a broken 2003 CV 9.x server


Server 2008 R2, added to the domain


Thanks to another post, figured out the install problems I was having were due to my admin ID having a ^ in the username.


Then when I went to log in, I got Insufficient Privileges errors - even though my ID(s) were in the domain group created for HP Storage Admins.


After spending some time searching for answers, I found a logfile C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\COMMON_CCBGN\ccbgn-130123-1.log that had the answer I needed.


Instead of using the domain groups it had set the groups to be local groups - even though they did not exist.


I created the local groups to use the exact names listed in the log file, added our domain IDs and can now log in.


Thought I should share the knowledge in case someone else falls into this rabbit hole.