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Command View 9.4 Simulator

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Command View 9.4 Simulator

I downloaded the command view Simulator package to build my knowledge around the GUI for managing EVA 6400 / 8400 in particular.  I also wanted to test the ability to rebuild drives after failures.  Does anyone know how to turn on this feature?

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Re: Command View 9.4 Simulator

Due to the way EVAs handle data distribution and recovery no manual intervention is used for rebuilds of individual drives, the EVA will "Level" data to incorporate the recovered capacity but the initial disk failure should already have triggered a leveling for block recovery so there is no rebuild in the traditional RAID sense.  Of course if there is no free space and no protection level set for the disk group then leveling may not have taken place but that is down to poor administration rather than a normally functioning array.  This is all part of the "Virtual" bit in EVA.

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Re: Command View 9.4 Simulator

Once a replacement physical disk is added, Command View will display in in a minute or two. Chances are the disk replacement policy is set "manual" (the default), so the new disk appears in the "Ungrouped Disks" set. Select the desired DIsk Group, click the "Add Disk" wizard button, follow the prompts.


Once the replacement disk is added to the Disk Group, subsequent rebuilding/leveling of the virtual disks is automatic.

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