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Command View EVA web certificate

Stan Grigorov
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Command View EVA web certificate


I hope anybody knows and can help me with information how I can replace the self generated web certificate of Command View EVA 9.2 with an trusted certificate.

Thanks in advance,
Markus M.
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Re: Command View EVA web certificate

Hi Stan,

I´ve been on a long trip to find a solution for this, when I found this in the EVA install guide.... I gave up..

"Web browser
Removing the Certificate error prompt in Internet Explorer
When launching Internet Explorer, a certificate error prompt displays across the user interface. To stop
this prompt from displaying each time you launch Internet Explorer:
1. Browse to HP Command View EVA.
You will notice that the URL address box at the top of the page is red, and that a red certificate
error is next to it.
2. Click Continue to this website on the Security page.
3. Click the Certificate Error box.
A window for the certificate opens.
4. Click View Certificates.
A Properties pane for the certificate opens.
5. Record the value entered in the Issued By: field. You will need to match it with the Trusted Sites
value in the next step.
HP StorageWorks Command View EVA installation guide 39
6. Click Tools > Options > Security and click Trusted Sites.
7. Click the Sites button and enter https://certificatestring in the Add this website to the Zone box.
8. Click Add, and continue to click OK until you exit out of the windows and close the Internet Explorer.
9. Reopen Internet Explorer and browse to HP Command View EVA.
The certificate error prompt should no longer display.

For me it sounds like there is NO way to change the cert, otherwise this chapter would not exist.

Futhermore i´d be thanksful, if a HP moderator would confirm this...

kind regards