HPE EVA Storage

Command View never end deletetion of the disk.


Command View never end deletetion of the disk.

I have a EVA 8100, with HSV210 contrallers  and software version CR1363xcsp-6220

My backup software is DataProtector 6.2. (DP62).


DP62 make a clone, and afterthat copy to tape. Well, DP started a clone and have not finished correctly. 

Them CV try to delete the clone but never end.


1.- With sssu I have listed the properties for principal vdisk

    childvdiskhexuid ...................: 6005-08b4-000c-3ad0-0001-0000-0472-0000
    childvdiskid .......................: 0F210710B4080560D03A0C000000010000007204
    childvdiskname .....................: \Virtual Disks\TCDSFICH\DP-2013.01.28-2-15105BC27



2.- I bealive that the clone disk ( \Virtual Disks\TCDSFICH\DP-2013.01.28-2-15105BC27) it's depend from principal VDISK.



3.- I have tried DETACH, FRACTURE and RESYNC command with sssu. but unsucessfully.


SET VDISK "\...principal_vdisk\" FRACTURE

SET VDISK "\Virtual Disks\TCDSFICH\DP-2013.01.28-2-15105BC27" FRACTURE


The same with DETACH, RESYNC, etc..


I always obtain the same errro message.


Error: Error cannot modify object properties. [The mirror clone is not in the correct condiction for this operation ]



And in the mangement server events a entrance with "An outstanding command is still in progress"



Can someone help me.







Re: Command View never end deletetion of the disk.

Finally i restarted both controllers. I resolved.

But i belive thats first to restart, try from DataProtector use omnidbsmis.


Search for "HP Data Protector Command line Interface reference"



executes administrative tasks required for managing the HP StorageWorks SMI-S

EVA provider nl

(this command is available on systems with the Data Protector User Interface

component installed) omnidbsmis