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Command view EVA 6 and 9


Command view EVA 6 and 9

Hello Guys,

We have and EVA5000 with an SMA running CVEVA v6. Everything is fine.
We purchased a new EVA4400. Installed Windows on a SMS and Command View EVA 9.1
From CV9.1 i can manage both EVAs without problems. But the problem is that the old command view can no longer see the EVA5000 controllers. (NO Controllers found is the message appears when trying to communicate with the EVA5000 controllers "shutdown for exapmle")
Did the Command View EVA 9.1 change something in the behaviour of the EVA5000 controllers such that it can no longer communicate with them?

Thanks a lot for you.
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Command view EVA 6 and 9

Yes, I've heard about this problem from another user:
CV-EVA makes incompatible changes to the meta-data and even seems to change information _within_ the controller's NVRAM so that it is not sufficient to re-initialize the EVA to gain access back for CV-EVA V6.0.

Now, watch out!
You do need CV-9 compatible license keys for the EVA-5000 - otherwise you will no longer be able to make changes to the EVA-5000 after 60 days when the instant-on demo-license has expired.