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Connect two MSA1000s 14 Miles Apart

Rene Rodrigue
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Connect two MSA1000s 14 Miles Apart

I have an MSA1000 with two MSA SAN Switch 2/8s. I want to put another MSA1000 at a location 14 miles away. SAN fabric design and fibre channel are not my areas of expertise. With that in mind, can you please assist. In reading the documentation, it appears the 2/8 supports an E_Port. I have single mode fiber available. Is it as simple as ordering a singlemode GBIC, getting the extended fabric firmware and configuring the two?

The other option I've considered is using a fcoe switch. Connect the 2/8 into the fcoe switch and then tunnel over IP to the remote location. We have a 1Gbit to 10Gbit core network. All of the fcoe switches appear expensive just to accomplish this. Can someone who has done this before give me some guidance.


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Re: Connect two MSA1000s 14 Miles Apart

You may be able to tunnel FC over IP cheaper with something like this, though you'll need to check with HP that it supports MSA1000.