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Connecting EVA to EMC SAN switches

toni osta
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Connecting EVA to EMC SAN switches

i have purchased a new EVA6400 and i want to connect it to a new server
i want this server to be connected to the new EVA and in the same time to the existing EMC storage
the Brocade switches of the EMC storage are D-300B
could i connect EVA storage and EMC storage on the same Brocade switches witout any problem ?
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Re: Connecting EVA to EMC SAN switches

it should be ok if it is correctly zoned:
the HP SAN design guide should help you in this:

if its not sufficient try to find the similar also for EMC storage on EMC pages...
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Peter Mattei
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Re: Connecting EVA to EMC SAN switches


Technically it works.
In order to be supported from both parties: EMC and HP your configuration needs to satisfy certain requirements like FW and driver levels.

In the HP SAN Design Guide mentioned by IBalty you will find the following:

Heterogeneous storage system support:

HP supports HP storage products on shared hosts, and HBAs in HP fabric environments that also have third-party storage products. A third-party cooperative support agreement between HP Services and the third party is required if HP will provide a single support point of contact that includes the third-party storage. HP provides technical support for its products and cooperates with the third party's technical support staff, as needed.
HP provides best-practices recommendations for connecting devices in the SAN (see Best practices on page 399). These rules apply to configurations that include HP SAN storage products and heterogeneous third-party SAN storage products:

- Use zones to isolate storage ports from zones for third-party storage systems.

- Overlapping zones with multiple storage ports are not supported.

- Third-party storage zones are governed by product-specific configuration guidelines (see the thirdparty product documentation).

- See Third-party switch support on page 168 for third-party fabric and switch support.

- See Heterogeneous SAN storage system coexistence on page 219 for HP storage system coexistence support.

To check HP supported configuration details see SPOCK on:


BTW: The EMC DS 300B is the Brocade 300 switch. At HP it is called the B-Series 8/24.

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