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Re: Connecting c7000 (Brocade 8gb) to HP8/80s

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Connecting c7000 (Brocade 8gb) to HP8/80s

Hi Everyone.... Here is what I'm trying to do....


Existing environment – 4 HP 8/80s in a Fab A and B setup (2 and 2)

I want to connect 2 HP c7000’s each with 2 HP B-series 8/24c SAN Switches (4 in total). Due to location all 4 of the chassis switches will connect to only 2 (1 Fab A, 1 Fab B) of the HP 8/80s. Initially I’d like to connect all 4 with just a single ISL link (to get to EVA storage).


OS versions of each group of devices – I’ve checked and these are compatible.

HP 8/80s - Fabric OS Version v7.0.1b

HP B-series 8/24c SAN Switch BladeSystem c-Class - Fabric OS Version v7.2.0d


On the chassis switches –

Domain IDs are set (see diagram)

I’ll ensure zoning configurations are clear

switchDisable, cfgDisable, cfgClear,cfgSave, switchEnable


Set ISL ports on 8/80s then one by one – connect 8/24s  


Questions –

Any tips?

Should I just add single ISL links now? I’ve looked at trunking licenses on the 8/80s and don’t have them or budget for them. Would it be best practice to add 2 per svr now?


Thanks All

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Re: Connecting c7000 (Brocade 8gb) to HP8/80s

Hi, just for anyone else looking to do this... I followed my steps above and didn't have any issues. One of the chassis SAN switches became primary which I'm not crazy and reviewing this uncovered many differences of option. I'll like set the chassis switches to never primary but haven't figured out how yet. I did see the fab needs to rebuild to make that change so I'm just waiting out an additional change.