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Re: Connecting two servers to the same Fiber Port.

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John Tyler

Connecting two servers to the same Fiber Port.

Hello All,

I am having a problem getting two HP/UX servers to share a Fiber port.

Here is my configuration.

Servers - Two N Class running HP/UX 11.0
Diskframe - HDS 7700E (Hostmode 03)
FC Adapters - A5158A (driver version A.10)
Fabric - Brocade 2800s with zoning.

I have assigned Lun 0 - Lun 10 for Server A and also set LUN security at the port level. The server sees the disks fine.
I have assigned Lun 11 - Lun 20 for Server B.
The server is unable to see the disk.

The Patch - PHKL_21607 is installed on these servers and is supposedly the fix to allow servers to see Luns starting at a Non-Zero number.

I am wondering if i've missed something very obvious.I am sure someone should have this configuration working.

Thanks for all inputs.
Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: Connecting two servers to the same Fiber Port.

what do you mean 'sharing one fiber port'? You can not connect two fiber jacks into one fiber 'receptacle' :o)
How servers and array is connected? Did you check supportshow for brocade to make sure it 'sees' host port correctly (by default N-port) and access is not denied by switch zoning? Did you check ioscan for newly appeared devices?
Attach 'ioscan -fn' from both servers and 'supportshow' from brocade to your next reply zipped
Zeev Schultz
Honored Contributor

Re: Connecting two servers to the same Fiber Port.

I'd go for zoning been configured but not enabled.Both N-class should see HDS so check
your zones - zoneshow from serial port or zones browser from gui.

Agree with Eugene on a strange definition of "share port".Probably ment zones intersection?


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Ron Singler

Re: Connecting two servers to the same Fiber Port.

We have it working, but the only difference is we have the hostmode on the 7700E port set to 08 which is the hostmode for HPUX.
John Tyler

Re: Connecting two servers to the same Fiber Port.

Thanks for all the responses. I appreciate you'll taking time to reply.

Guess i was not clear about "sharing" ports.

Well, i'm trying to assign disks to two servers from a single pair of ports on the 7700. The servers and the Hitachi ports are connected via 2 brocade switches(not interconnected) and we use zoning based on WWN.All devices are logged as N_Port.

Zeev suggestion that the zone config may not be active was my initial thought too. I checked and the zone configuration is part of the effective configuration.(I do remember doing a cfgenable and cfgsave.)

Ron mentioned about hostmode 08. We were running hostmode 08 until HDS engineer changed it to 03 a while ago to allow more than 8 luns to be visible to the HP/UX hosts. I am trying to find out from Hitachi if hostmode 03 supports multiple servers to access disks on the same port.

I'll go back and doublecheck(typo?) every configuration and setting.

I will post my new findings.

Ron Singler

Re: Connecting two servers to the same Fiber Port.

We are currently running HPUX machines over the same subsystem port but do not have LUN security enabled on that port due to HDS telling us that LUN security in not supported with HPUX on the E. All of the device files can be seen on all of the servers we just do not assign any file systems to the device files that we know shouldn't be used.

Ask HDS about LUN security being supported.