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Continuous Access with Vmware RDM


Continuous Access with Vmware RDM


I am just starting to work with vmware RDM and I try to setup a Windows VMs using Vmware esx 3.5 with Physical RDM disks pointing to LUNs in HP EVA 4400, All Raw Device Mappings will be replicated with HP Continuous Access to another remote EVA 4400 which located in recovery site

My question is: is it possible to have only physical machines in recovery site so
(Virtual environment in production site with physical environment in recovery site)

Thanks in advance
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Re: Continuous Access with Vmware RDM

If you are only replicating the RDMs to the recovery site then how do you plan to recreate the OS?

I am guessing that you went with VMware to consolidate servers and therefore you do not have enough servers at the recovery site to do a one for one.

What we have done in the past is to replicate the datastores as well and then if a disaster occurs (or a simulation) then all you need to do is register the VM guests at the recovery site on the ESX hosts and then point the RDMs there.
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Re: Continuous Access with Vmware RDM

Have look at this VMware solution.

HP StorageWorks EVA Virtualization Adapter