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Continuous Access zoning question

Gene Kenny
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Continuous Access zoning question


I will be migrating data from an EVA 5K to an EVA 6300.  We will use CA for the migration. I am thinking about zoning, since I only have three available ports on the Brocade switch I will use two ports for the 6500 and a port for CV.  I plan to create CA zone with one 6500 port and one EVA 5K port. So the question is will I pull say FP1 from all the other 5K zones and just have FP1 5K zoned with P6500 FP1. Or can I leave all the 5K  zones as is?



Ivan Lyanguzov
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Re: Continuous Access zoning question


Just create the zone with all connected ports from both arrays. EVAs will use all available paths for Continuous Access and decide which ones to use.

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Re: Continuous Access zoning question

Make sure the cabling is right and matches the VCS/XCS running. EVA3000/5000 used a crossed cabling that might cause issues. Also make sure fabric parameters are correct before zoning the arrays since wrong settings could cause controllers reboots. Check the CA implementation guide. You need to change the DR protocol on the P6000 to non-SCSI compliant mode to be able to communicate with older arrays.