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Controller Card Question.

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Controller Card Question.

WE recently moved a server from one city to another and after connecting the server in new location (to new SAN using new HBA Cards), we are receiving lot of SCSI timeouts. My question is as follows.

1. We have been asked to check the Controller cards. This is the message from one of the experts. (since it's fibre channel, you might
have a bad controller card.). My Question is on a Server, assuming this Controller Card is the HBA's how can i get SCSI timeouts on both HBA's if i have a bad controller card. is this assumption correct? OR are they any other Controller cards that the expert could have referred to other than the HBA's in a standard SAN environment (Unix Server with 2 HBA's and connected to SAN). Since i do not have much experience with SAN i am asking this question. Please help!


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Re: Controller Card Question.

Please specify hardware and OS.

Hope this helps!

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